We designed the rooms at our care facility to provide the resident with the best balance of care, comfort and security.

The modern decor, ample closets and separate washroom facilities lend the room a light, airy feeling of home while your loved one recuperates. Each room is equipped with a 24-hour call assistance system that assures that safety and security of our residents. Each room also has a large picture window overlooking our beautiful grassy grounds and the surrounding residential community.

We have an up to date computerized security system with audio/visual capabilities that allows us to moniter the Atrium building and grounds around the clock. You can rest assured knowing that at any time of the day or night, qualified professionals are only seconds away in case of an emergency.

We believe that meals should be a communal experience, allowing your loved one to make new friends and acquaintances.

Although one may choose to receive meals in the privacy of his or her room, we encourage our residents to enjoy the company and community of the Atrium family at mealtimes.

Our registered dietician will assess the particular dietary needs of your loved one and offer him or her a selection of nutritious, tasty meals. We have our own modern kitchen where, the accomplished Atrium foodservice staff prepare fresh, wholesome meals and serve the food while it is hot and satisfying.